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Just like in the bar, there are all kinds of subjects and all kinds of stories, these are some of mine.

2016 update at this time I'm working at AMC's MacGuffins. This is a full liquor bar located inside a movie theater. AMC Weston 8 is located at 1338 SW 160th Ave, Sunrise, FL 33326 Get to I-75 and exit Royal Palm Blvd (Royal Palm is between 595 and Griffin Rd) go north on Weston Rd to Indian Trace go East two lights but not over the overpass, turn left (north) the Plaza is Indian Trace Center.Call (954) 385-5858 MacGuffins

 So these stories I'm sharing are my views and interpretation of the events as they unfolded.

Story #1 As I've worked in the bar and discussed a wide variety of topics with my customers / friends the one thing I can say is that I've never realized until  talking to them that MOST of them were in the bar biz or owned a bar at some point in their lives. 
This being said one customer owned a bar in Tennessee, a long time ago and needed to buy the police officers banquet/ball tickets in order to stay open or to keep his customers out of trouble.

Story #2 A couple walk into the bar and you can see they are married, the rub is "They aren't married to each other." As a bartender  keeping things close to your vest is very important to your integrity. Trust with your customers / clients is hard earned.

Story #3 Never burn your bridges in this business as the Hospitality Industry is small and word travels in these same circles with consequences unknown to those being talked about. Bad owners and bad employees are always around. Always be nice to everybody because even the guy washing the dishes might come up in the ranks and could be a co-worker or your boss one day.

Story #4 A long time ago one customer had way to much to drink, and started to remove clothing, alright settle down (it was guy). At the time I was the only one in the bar and it was near closing time, the friends his guy had come in with had left him there. Now he's taken everything off except his underwear and a sock (thank god) and was proceeding to climb on to the pool table and go to sleep. In order to close out he had to leave, but I wasn't going to call the cops on him. I dragged and rolled him out the front door with all his clothing. Locked it and closed up shop.


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